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“I’ve been with Orient Paper for five incredible years, and it’s been an amazing journey of growth and learning. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation is truly commendable. As a Senior Quality Executive, I’ve been part of innovative approaches that have elevated our paper quality standards and fostered a customer-first mindset.

Our leadership team’s unwavering support and encouragement have empowered me to excel in my role and achieve my career goals. At Orient Paper, we’re not just making paper; we’re creating a positive impact on the world, which makes my role special.


Quality Control

Working with Orient Paper as Category and Branding Lead has been an enriching experience with great learning. Diversity and inclusion form the essence of OPIL as a workplace. The Agility and customer-centricity focus of the organization are commendable. There are ample opportunities to grow, supporting colleagues and a balanced work structure make it one of the best places to work in.

Dr Sonam Mehta

Lead- Category and Branding

“My journey at Orient Paper has come full circle. As someone hailing from Amlai and proudly bearing the legacy of an OPM School alumnus, my association with the Orient Paper family has been profoundly fulfilling and enriching. With the inspiring Vision Centurion guiding us, the entire team has an undeniable zeal to leave an indelible mark and carry forward the company’s illustrious legacy.

The privilege of leading a dynamic team and addressing complex people-related challenges has broadened my horizons and reinforced the notion that Orient Paper is more than just numbers and paper; it’s about nurturing talent and providing pathways for personal and professional growth.”


Human Resources


A leadership of visionaries and value-driven individuals

A blend of tradition and modernity, visionaries and pragmatists.

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Transformation Strategy

A strategy of sustainability and success

Our strategy of re-orientation and transformation revolves around 5Ps.

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