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Sowing seeds of hope and happiness

In rural India, where challenges such as subsistence agriculture, lack of irrigation, and social inequity persist, we at Orient Paper are committed to make a genuine difference.

Farmers often have less than two acres of land to cultivate, engaging in subsistence agriculture. The vulnerability is escalated by the dependence on seasonal migration to supplement household incomes. With only 25-30% of farmers having access to irrigation, the majority rely on rain-fed mono-cropping practices, perpetuating a cycle of limited agricultural productivity.

Farmer communities face a multitude of challenges, including social and gender inequality, poor public facilities and limited reach of government programs. Living on meagre earnings, these villagers are often excluded from mainstream development initiatives.

Harvesting joy with Mission Khushi

With community happiness at the core, through Mission Khushi, we’re addressing these challenges with a wide array of initiatives aimed at holistic community development. Across 1,089 villages, we’re actively engaging 90,000 smallholders in the restoration of 0.4 million acres, fostering sustainable agricultural practices and environmental stewardship.

Expanding our agroforestry efforts

In the past 35 years, we have reforested over 190,000 acres of land. This has benefited both farmers and the environment. While the farmers sell us pulpwood to aid their financial stability, they also get a sustainable firewood source, alleviating the pressure on forests. It has also helped curb soil erosion on previously barren land.

Over 20,000 families have been positively impacted through our agroforestry efforts, and as part of Mission Khushi, we aim to reforest 100,000 acres in the next 5 years.

Aiding us is our R&D in agroforestry, which aims to increase yield per hectare through the use of clones and hybrids.

Driving change through silviculture

At the core of our agroforestry practices is silviculture, the art and science of growing and cultivating forests. Through silviculture, we ensure that every tree planted not only contributes to our paper production but also to the health and balance of the ecosystem.

Our R&D initiatives in this area are managed by national and international agriculture experts and led by a renowned subject matter authority from South Africa. We maintain constant contact with farmers, guiding them in plantation and care. We conduct trials aimed at substantially increasing yield and income for farmers.

When we noticed a gap in the adoption of our recommended practices by farmers, we established demonstration plots to showcase the benefits of following our silviculture practices. This has acted as a powerful display of how these methods can significantly boost growth and yield.

Our efforts in agroforestry and sustainable practices reflect Orient Paper’s dedication to the community and the environment. We are focused at laying the groundwork for a future where development and sustainability go hand in hand.


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Our strategy of re-orientation and transformation revolves around 5Ps.

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