Re-ORIENTing our path, steadfastly

As Orient Paper embarks on the next chapter of its illustrious legacy, we are re-ORIENTing ourselves with new-age innovation and talent. In this transformative journey, we remain resolute in upholding the values that define the very essence of O-R-I-E-N-T.


neness: Oneness is a core value, encouraging unity, humility, camaraderie, and unified collaboration at all levels. Because together is bigger and better than the sum of individual parts.


espect: Respect is the cornerstone of our workplace, where every individual is valued and treated with dignity and professionalism.


ntegrity: Integrity in conduct encompasses all professional spheres and ensures that we lead with fairness and honesty in all our endeavours.


mpowerment: Empowerment goes beyond our workplace, extending our commitment to communities to fulfil their potential and fostering a sense of purpose and social responsibility.


urturing: Nurturing talent is vital, providing continuous learning opportunities to foster personal and professional growth.


ransformation: Embracing transformation with technology, we harness innovation to redefine industry standards and drive continuous progress.

These values will remain our guiding principles, anchoring us as we set sail towards the future.


A leadership of visionaries and value-driven individuals

A blend of tradition and modernity, visionaries and pragmatists.

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Transformation Strategy

A strategy of sustainability and success

Our strategy of re-orientation and transformation revolves around 5Ps.

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