Binding together for a brighter tomorrow

At Orient Paper, we’re not just making paper, we’re writing the future together with our diverse partners.

From the start of our existence, our approach has been one of nurturing and finding newer ways to strengthen long-standing relationships with our partners. We believe, we are not just business associates. For us, our partners are an integral part of our OPIL family, growing and evolving with us through every challenge and success.

A common binding thread across our partnerships is our commitment to mutual trust and inclusive growth. We believe that success is best enjoyed when it is shared. Our collaborations are founded on this principle. Whether we’re working with farmers, local communities, vendors, or customers, our goal remains the same – grow together in a holistic manner and ensure that everyone thrives.

Our partnerships span various aspects of the business. From strategizing innovative paper solutions, harnessing technology, making a positive impact on society and embracing sustainability to streamlining supply chain and manufacturing processes for more efficiency and driving customer advocacy.  Each partnership is important to our vision of a sustainable future.

Hear from our Partners

These voices represent the collaborations we’ve built over the years, celebrating the milestones we achieve together.

Since becoming a part of Emerson in 2011, Orient Paper has held a special place in our hearts. The company has successfully integrated the entire Emerson portfolio, and we have had the pleasure of collaborating with a very receptive and innovative team. Their willingness to entertain suggestions has greatly contributed to the successful implementation of Emerson’s technologies.

In terms of automation, the challenge lay in the varying competencies across functions or departments, which made seamless collaboration difficult. However, after providing a DCS to meet our production requirements, our goal is to expand with digital solutions aimed at enhancing productivity and optimising resources. This includes conserving bleaching chemicals and energy in digesters.

John Rodrix, Business Leader

Although there are many memorable experiences and success stories with Orient Paper, I would particularly like to highlight the effective collaboration through our “Cooperation Agreement”. Through this, we not only improved efficiencies but also provided low CAPEX options with clarity on strength and weaknesses of the existing asset base.

For the main machine, we were able to demonstrate less need for large CAPEX and improve the productivity partially through product mix, and through minor CAPEX. Our relationship is rightly reinforced with trust and transparency. We truly work like partners.

Varun Jain, Head of India

Siemens has been collaborating closely with Orient Paper for many years to devise tailored solutions to address their operational needs and solve challenges related to supply chain, quality control and technology infrastructure. Our partnership has helped overcome several obstacles and achieve tangible results.

Understanding the importance of advanced technology in today’s business landscape, Siemens has been working closely with Orient Paper in upgrading their technology infrastructure. Our team provides seamless integration of state-of-the-art systems, empowering them to optimise productivity across various operational areas.

Shabad Ali, India Sales Head

Technology adoption is essential, as paper technology evolves rapidly, and new technologies offer better quality, lower energy costs, and a reduced carbon footprint, leading to higher-quality production and reduced input costs. We are closely collaborating with Orient Paper to implement this technology, which can be easily adopted in the current situation.

Our relationship with Orient Paper is deeply valued and dates back to the 1950s when we collaborated in Brajrajnagar and Amlai. This relationship was established by my father, who worked closely to develop new and higher-quality components that enabled Orient Paper to produce components locally. The new approach embraced by Orient Paper represents a refreshing change that will benefit both suppliers and the company as a whole.

Asit Lathia, Founder
Lathia Rubber

Our experience working with Orient Paper has been excellent. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the project team, working as one cohesive unit, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in upcoming projects. The Recovery Boiler supplied for the project is equipped with improved technologies for safety, efficiency, reliability, and environmental friendliness. 

We are delighted with the support provided by Orient Paper throughout the entire project phase, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, which contributed to the successful completion of the project. We sincerely appreciate the trust placed in Andritz’s expertise to address the challenges in  operations. We remain committed to supporting your organisation’s growth and success.

T. Sivasankaran, VP Project Management

Our journey with Orient Paper has been remarkable. We started as a resin supplier for the main paper machine and have grown to become a leading vendor of specialty chemicals, including tissue, pulp mill, and sizing. We have always strived to provide specialized products for the paper industry, such as our high-demand high-wet-strength towel grade tissue. Orient Paper’s outstanding performance and profitability are a testament to its success, making us proud to be part of their energetic team

The new management’s vision, timely decision-making, and professionalism reflect their commitment to growth and inclusiveness for vendors. Orient Paper has been like a flourishing tree, offering opportunities for growth and success to everyone involved. We are grateful to the C. K. Birla Group for their trust and support, and we look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration and shared achievements.

Sagar Sharma, Owner
Anmol Polymers (P) Ltd.


Our journey alongside Orient has spanned an incredible eight decades and four generations. This enduring association has been instrumental in establishing our esteemed position and market reputation. The cornerstone of our long-standing relationship lies in the foundation of trust. Orient has consistently treated us as an integral part of their family, valuing our partnership equally.

Arvind Goenka, Owner
Paper Traders


In August 2022, facing challenges with fallow land and a struggling husband, I approached OPIL. They believed in my potential, providing resources and guidance to transform the barren land into a thriving plantation. With OPIL’s support, I took on the responsibility of working the soil, removing weeds, and protecting the precious plants. In addition to the plantation support, I was also offered fair compensation for the wood. This income became a lifeline for my family, enabling me to provide for their needs and invest in their education. Today, the once-barren land is a source of hope for my children. I am eternally grateful to OPIL for transforming my life and empowering me to create a better future.

Smt. Chandravati Gond