Making Paper… with Purpose

An Indian company with a legacy of leadership in making high-quality paper responsibly, Orient Paper has been an integral part of the everyday lives of millions since 1936.

By providing high-quality paper for books, notebooks and many other printing and writing applications. By being a pioneer in the manufacture of virgin tissue paper in the country. By bringing sustainability into every aspect of the business long before it was demanded.

Today, this legacy is being revitalised to create a powerful future. In sync with the needs of our planet, our country and our customers and partners, Orient Paper will lead the way in bringing new solutions and experiences in paper and we will lead the way in fulfilling global sustainability goals. We are already among the world’s first paper companies to shift from fossil fuels to 100% renewables.

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This commitment to progress reflects our dedication to nation-building and a brighter future for all.

Making Paper… with Partnerships

A part of the $2.9-billion, diversified C K Birla Group, Orient Paper is one of India’s foremost manufacturers and exporters of tissue paper.

We believe this happens through partnerships. On one level, we invest in long-standing, strategic partnerships with world-leading enterprises. We believe in openness, in rigour and in mutual benefit. This enables us to bring in global best practices and helps our partners benefit from our experience as well.

On another level, we partner at the grassroots with communities, whose lives we have impacted in fundamental ways. Our efforts are transforming 4,50,000 livelihoods in 1,089 villages and uplifting 1,000 self-help groups. Having planted 3,50,000 saplings and grown 1,50,000 saplings in-house, we have brought 100,000 acres under reforestation. This is a testament to our commitment to re-plant, re-imagine and revitalise our ecosystem through agro-forestry.

Making Paper… with Passion

A company that believes in harnessing the full potential of every employee, Orient Paper gets its strength from the teamwork and passion that each of them brings every day. By using cutting-edge technology, we are bringing in a digital transformation in the making and delivery of great products in paper. We are spearheading innovation with AI-driven, closed-loop manufacturing, and leveraging automation and digitisation to enhance operational efficiency and capabilities.

This passion also drives us to develop better solutions and experiences for our customers and delight them consistently, every day. These efforts will also result in new products in the tissue-paper category, writing- and printing-paper categories as well as in plastic-substitution.

The same passion is bringing value and upliftment to the communities we work with, by helping them achieve better productivity and incomes, and by helping families and villages develop holistically.

Purpose, Partnerships and Passion have defined Orient Paper as a leader in the development of the paper industry in India since its inception, and the same values are now being taken forward with renewed vigour, every day, to enhance our leadership position and play an even greater role in shaping this industry and its contribution to society, the country and our Planet.

The C K Birla Group

A legacy of ethics and excellence

Orient Paper is part of the Indian multinational conglomerate – the C K Birla Group.

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Transformation Strategy

A strategy of sustainability and success

Our strategy of re-orientation and transformation revolves around 5Ps.

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