Study confirms Orient Paper enhances the writing experience

15th September, 2023

4 minute read

Effortless writing is a paramount concern for individuals who spend significant hours jotting down notes and ideas, especially students and professionals. Recognizing this imperative, Orient Paper embarked on a groundbreaking study in 2022 to unravel the impact of paper surface topology on pen grip and its subsequent influence on handwriting. Our findings not only shed light on the superior qualities of Orient Paper but also draw compelling comparisons with papers produced by other prominent wood-based manufacturers in India. This study underscores our commitment to making writing a seamless experience, particularly for those who rely on notebooks for their daily note-taking needs.

Superior physical properties

To comprehensively assess the physical strength properties of paper, the study subjected Maplitho paper samples from Orient Paper and leading wood-based manufacturers to a battery of tests at a controlled environment (27+1 °C and 65+1% relative humidity).

One of the key observations from the study was the consistent excellence of Orient Paper in various physical strength parameters. properties exhibited remarkable performance, surpassing the benchmarks set by other wood-based paper manufacturers. This affirms the inherent strength and durability of Orient Paper, crucial factors that contribute to a seamless writing experience.

Unique topology

Delving deeper into the study, the researchers examined the surface topology of the paper samples, focusing on roughness and texture. Utilizing advanced scanning techniques to project the same image surface area for all samples, the study revealed a distinctive characteristic of Orient Paper – a surface less rough than its counterparts. This was attributed to the U and ꓵ-shaped peaks and valleys found on the surface of Orient Paper.

The results suggest that Orient Paper boasts a smoother surface, facilitating a comfortable and effortless experience, and reducing strain during prolonged sessions. This makes our paper ideal for educational purposes, where clarity and ease of writing are paramount.

A smooth journey for the pen

The implications of these findings on pen grip and write-ability are profound. The reduced roughness of Orient Paper ensures an easy and smooth glide of the pen, enhancing the overall writing experience. The U-shaped peaks and valleys contribute to a better grip of the pen, allowing for precise control and fluidity in handwriting.

In conclusion, the study in collaboration with Orient Paper has unveiled a new frontier in writing paper. The superior physical strength properties, coupled with the unique surface topology characterized by U-shaped peaks and valleys, position Orient Paper as a pioneer in the industry. As individuals, educators, and businesses seek superior writing experiences, Orient Paper stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in paper manufacturing, ushering in a penmanship revolution.

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