Stories of Innovation and Impact

Fallow land for Prosperity: Eucalyptus Plantation’s Transformative Impact on Farmers’ Lives

Orient Paper’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products. Our initiative to transform fallow lands into thriving plantations is a testament to this, and to positively impacting farmers’ lives. Following are some farmer success stories:

Sukhelal is from Madhya Pradesh. Today, he earns more than Rs 1 lakh from Eucalyptus Plantation on his 2-acre fallow land, bringing financial support for himself and his family. He is now also planning to purchase a bike. “Plantation of Eucalyptus has given a lot of financial support to me and my family,” says Sukhelal.

Another success story is that of Jai Prakash, who earns Rs 4 lakh from the Eucalyptus Plantation on his 5-acre farm. With his success, he bought a tractor. He adds, “Growing Eucalyptus has improved our financial stability and secure our livelihoods.”

Sembati didn’t have any income from her fallow land before. But after planting Eucalyptus, she now earns Rs 2 lakh from the same land and is assisted by Orient Paper staff during harvest. “Now I have started convincing other farmers and family to cultivate eucalyptus trees on fallow land, ” she adds happily.

These success stories underscore Orient Paper’s dedication to the principles of the circular economy and highlight their impact on both the environment and communities.